About Us

The Team
Both of my Grandmothers used to let me help in the kitchen when I was a child, doing anything from peeling carrots to making cinnamon rolls from scratch. Baking was one of my favourite pastimes with them, and it has continued to be an activity that brings joy to my life.

When my twins arrived in 2008, I decided to stay home full time and over the years I have shared my passion for baking with them as well as with our youngest, born in 2011. Throughout these simple, special baking adventures, my little ones imagined that we were running our own little bakery and I must admit that I loved the idea as well. So in 2012, I made the leap and rented some commercial kitchen space to produce small batches of hand-crafted cookies. The response from customers was incredible and our business took off.

We were known as The iBakery for a while, but have changed the name to reflect the inspiration behind it all. When our twins were small, my husband and I used to call them “The Tinies”. When our youngest came along he was also tiny, but unique and needed his own nickname - “Teeny”. This whole adventure started with Teeny and the Tinies playing in my kitchen and dreaming of a little bakery - the TeenyTiny Bakery.

If you have enjoyed any of our cookies I want to thank you for being part of our story and I look forward to writing more chapters together in the future.

Jacqueline Long